covid-19 POLICIES



the artists

We ensure that all the artists in the house, their corresponding staff and our team comply with the health and safety measures derived from COVID-19. In the performances, the artists will follow the protocol set by the organization in accordance with current regulations.

The new circumstances have also changed the formats of live performances. For this reason, our artists have adapted to the new reality by offering alternative formats and repertoires adjusted to the new criteria of public and private programmers.

protocols for live SHOWS

These are some of the measures that every programmer will have to implement in their show:


  • Daily disinfection of all spaces.

  • Enabling hydroalcoholic ice dispensers at the entrance of all spaces.

  • The seating capacity and layout will meet the required safety distances: in open spaces there will be a maximum of 2,000 seats and 3,000 seats with pre-assigned seats; in enclosed spaces, the maximum will be 1,000 seats and 2,000 with assigned seats. It will always be necessary to keep 2m distance between people.

  • Guaranteed security when entering and leaving the venue, ensuring multiple accesses and exits and moving the public in a staggered manner and supervised by accommodation staff, avoiding congestion

  • Elimination of any paper information material and promotion of information online

  • Mandatory use of a mask by Festival attendees and staff, while respecting the 2m safety distance


At events produced by ÈXITS, both artists and staff will be required to apply a security protocol in the event that some of these measures are not complied with throughout the performance.




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